Cycling in Summerlin, located on the western edge of Las Vegas, is a delightful experience that caters to a wide array of cycling preferences. From leisurely rides along meticulously landscaped community trails to exhilarating mountain biking on nearby Red Rock Canyon’s rugged terrain, Summerlin offers something for every type of cyclist.

For road cyclists and family outings, Summerlin’s extensive network of multi-use trails is particularly appealing. The community boasts over 150 miles of developed trails that connect neighborhoods to parks, schools, and shopping centers, making cycling a practical and enjoyable option for commuting or recreational family rides. These trails are part of a larger planned system that has earned Summerlin recognition as a Bicycle Friendly Community.

Summerlin's commitment to a cyclist-friendly environment is evident in its well-maintained paths and bike lanes, offering safe and accessible biking options that encourage residents to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. Additionally, local bike shops and cycling clubs foster a vibrant cycling culture, organizing group rides, workshops, and events that bring together cyclists of all ages and skill levels.

Whether you're a serious mountain biker looking for your next big thrill or a family seeking a safe and scenic path for a Sunday ride, Summerlin's cycling amenities provide a comprehensive, enjoyable experience that highlights the natural beauty and community spirit of the area.

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